Sunday, June 19, 2011

Galvanic Elephants

You remember that drunken night in Feburary in Genialistide Club? Yes, probably I wouldn't remember too if I hadn't hear the sound of the new band called Galvanic Elephants. They started in late August 2010. Their first single came out in December 2010 called "Rum Rumble" which made them famous in the underground music fanatics (which you all, I'm sure, are so you know who I'm talking about) who did not need a long time to hear from them again. As then, in May, they released their first effort "B Side" EP where are five songs.

Well, you know the feeling while walking in the dull metropolis which seems to be dead until you enter to the abandoned factory where is the silent disco. This is the feeling. As music gives the opportunity to enjoy the party alone you don't need the music to connect you all. No. This is so 5 minutes ago. Now we have i-pads, which let us enjoy music everywhere. Then, please, lets not be surprised when somebody starts dancing or waving heads in the street, maybe in Rüütli street, or even worse, in Ülikooli street, as I probably would do the same while listening them.

Although, at the same time, it's not the classy old-school dance music as Galvanic Elephants have the pulse of electronical music, sense of futuristic sound and can be heard influences from Holy Fuck and Liars. Their music is very masculine but can be as gentle as men while drinking beer which emphases their dominating. Despite their youth (they are all under 25) their music is very wide-ranging and strong. Soloist's (Taavi-Peeter Liiv) voice gives an interesting tinge as it is used only occasionally. I usually prefer sounds instead of singing so they get the point for that.

They have said out loudly that their first video for the song "Moonstruck" can be seen in the beginning of July as they don't take a minute to breathe. So it means that much patience is not needed. It seems that these four boys (Kaido Paapstel, Gert Look, Taavi-Peeter Liiv, Mihkel Ronk) are about to catch the cloud they're following and beginning to ride on it. They will not have a minute to take a walk back to their old life as thay need to get contact with the cloud they are on by making a hard work.

Now, it's time to look (or why not to listen?) all the songs. Firstly, looking them all together their variety is notable as all the songs have different breathing and can feel totally complex-free approach to the sound. On the one hand it can be the cause of their youth as they haven't the certain face to keep alive yet or they have very wide bailiwick of their musical expression. We'll see. They mix fragments together very naturally as in manufactory people add pieces to get something new. New it surely is, but also sounds very familiar while hearing a song for the first time.

Rum Rumble by Galvanic Elephants

Nevertheless, it is cool to see that boys are brave to experiment with their ideas of music and following the ideals from above not from the world they are living in. Although they speak the language of their epoch as it can be seen the logical evolution of their music, it can be seen as the superior way to speak about the certain epoch people are living in by creating new relations between fragments that are used. Through these pieces world become one among many which all are the results of expressing their understanding of music and life.

They have the futuristic feeling inside and have left us with the few songs which teases people to wait for more songs of their. So don't be sad if you missed their first concert in Genialistide Club as they will have them more in the nearer future. But until then you need to be patient, which is easy, ofcourse.

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bv said...

my favourite new band. tunes, yes, but it's the details that nail it for me - odd spoken-word samples, playing around with loud/quiet, muffled/sharp...

theres something in them (maybe the vocals?) that remind me of friday's deal, a very underrated estonian band from about a quarter of a century ago...