Monday, March 28, 2011

This week:

30 Mar Strange Sounds 2

Childhood's End
By David Keenan
(you need to click "vaata pilti" after the right click to make it better readable)

Hauntology Now
By k-punk (Mark Fisher)

Estonian hypnagogy new and old

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Did some exploring in Youtubeland and found that:
a) ..some people really seem to enjoy a simple French TOAST;
b) ..even David Lynch can be compared to THIS level of psychedelism;
c) ..VAMPIRES are not only the hiptrend of the last few years.

Also, if someone volunteers & wants to review
Bizarre - 'Café de Flor'
Badass Yuki - 'Black Apple Trip'
one can leave a comment here & I'd be kindly willing to upload or bring my hard-copy.
Why these albums in particular? They both seem positively gnarley and somewhat unusual to an average listener, like Thai food for an Italian.


My mind was racing in class
but still couldn't think of any music (genres, pieces)
I'd normally never listen.

The thing I just remembered: I don't listen to reggae. Ever.
With no disrespect to Bob Marley et al. -
I consider him as a true phenomenon - but it just isn't
something I would put in my playlist,
maybe the riddims just don't cut it for me..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ad break
N24.03.2011 / 21.00 / 3€
Tarhun Plazas esilinastumas
Ekraanil kaks häälekat filmi eesti heitlikust popkultuurist täna ja ajaloos. Ja pärast kino kuulame temaatilist mussi. Ehk soovijatele disko.
Lühike mängufilm eesti popkultuuri hämaramast poolest: “Kontori-äng. Virn vanu eesti vinüülplaate pluss palju autoriteetseid, kuid halbu nõuandeid. Metsamaja rabaveerel. Just nendes teatud biol. tingimustes leiad sa, väike kinosõber, tee kurat teab kuhu.”
Rež, stsenaarium: Raul Viitung, Margus Univer
Kaamera: Indrek Kasesalu
Helilooja: Jakob Juhkam
Osades: Roland Laos, Piret Laurimaa, Marco Laimre, Kristy Leek, Igor Maasik, Kristo Sild, Raul Velbaum, Ott Aardam.
Skandaalne uurimus ansamblist Kormoranid (1968-1969), mis avaldas lootust murda kõik ühiskondlikud ahelad, ent kaotas au ja koha kullafondis ning millest jookseb kinodes komöödiafilm “Kormoranid – ehk Nahkpükse ei pesta”. Selgitame välja, milline oli levimuusika kuldajastu kultuuriline kliima ja linastuv mängufilm võiks olla olemata. Eesti biit- ja rokkmuusika lapsepõlvele aitavad valgust heita Tõnis Mägi, Ivo Linna, Olav Ehala, Jaanus Nõgisto, Siim Nestor ja Jaanus Raudkats.
Autorid Madis Ligema ja Aleksandr Kheyfets.
Erilised tänud ansamblile Kooma!
Filmidele järgneb eesti levimuusika kullafondi parimate palade diskoõhtu, plaate valivad BERK VAHER & MARTIN JÕELA
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Strange Sounds, Vol 3

The French had some seriously eerie film music in the 1970s. This is no mere empty boast of "täna jälle me joome bensiini"; they actually seem to have gone for it.

This week:

23 Mar Strange Sounds

Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music Volume 4
The Wire Magazine, Issue #195 (May 00) | Reviews
By: David Keenan | Featuring: Harry Smith

Kitsch of Distinction
The Wire Magazine, Issue #128 (Oct 94) | Essays
By: David Toop

Friday, March 18, 2011

Strange Sounds, vol. 2

Post punk meets proto house, Manchester meets... outer space. You'll be hearing about John Cooper Clarke a lot these coming months, and hopefully both hearing and seeing himself in Tartu on 7 May, sans the monster


Every time my eyes spy the word 'quirky' somewhere in a text,
the first tune that pops up in my mind is THIS.

It might just be the video that associates and
always brings a dumb smirk on my face
but the song itself is nonetheless unbelievably catchy & gets stuck in one's

Aside from quirky there's also absurd
and I still haven't figured out what's up with this TONETTA guy --
is he just an Internet troll or a lyrical messiah, can't really tell.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strange Sounds, vol. 1

So, for the next week, or nest couple of weeks, you're welcome to share links and impressions of the strange, weird, kitschy, trashy, otherwordly, chilling or inadvertently (?) silly music (there is just a step from the sublime to the ridiculous and it works both ways, doesn't it?).

There'll be some exotica and chilling folk/Americana coming up in the class and a number of tracks/artists mentioned in the next week's texts are also available in YouTube (a most generous back catalogue of Heino, mind you!). But as David Toop called for more Euro-trash and weird novelty stuff, I'll start the topic with something that got a lot of airplay back in my childhood and admittedly did not sound much off the wall at the time. The English seemed plausible and I never really paid much attention to the lyrics. But then as you go on, you're bound to start wondering what a song called "You're My Voodoo" was all about; so I had it retrieved from the radio archives a few years ago and it sure as hell left me bewildered. "Oh God, my dear, you're just in your early teens" - was this actually acceptable in Czechoslovakia'80? As, apparently, was comparing a girl to a puppy... or is it a pup compared to a girl... but then "early teens" would not be "just" (and it would hardly amount to less perversity)?

To top it off, the guy himself, aptly named Jiri Korn, flutters about in this frankly ribald dance routine, looking like the AC/DC singer doing a Michael Jackson impression while gazonked on acid'n'poppers... Flatcaps off, let's get Korny!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sacred Cows

Readings for tomorrow:

Indie's Sacred Cows
By Dr David Thorpe

NME Sacred Cow Blog:

Also, I'm reminding the possibility of suggesting records for others to - those can be uploaded or provided in hard copy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Artist Profiles, 9 March

Tilting At Windmills
The Wire Magazine, Issue #135 (May 95) | Interviews
By: Richard Cook | Featuring: Scott Walker

Hype Williams transcript
The Wire Magazine Issue #324 (Feb 11) | In Writing
By: Lisa Blanning | Featuring: Hype Williams

Friday, March 4, 2011

party tricks for youtube discos, vol 1

try playing the audio of one with the video of the other. or vice versa. or both at the same time:

take that, 'kidz'

bai bang, 'behind the enemy lines'

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Siim Nestor:
KALASTAN KAASAUTORIT: kas keegi oskab pakkuda ennast või mõnda sõpra/tuttavat kaasautoriks Areeni muusikakülgede tarvis? Esmajoones oleks vaja inimest a) kes suhtuks hasartselt moodsasse tantsumuusikasse ja b.) kes suhtuks samamoodi surbanisse/souli/hip-hoppi. Võib ka a+b-inimene olla. Pakkuda võib otse aadressile - ja siis saab rääkida ka sellest, mida peale hasardi vaja läheb. Aitäh!