Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strange Sounds, vol. 1

So, for the next week, or nest couple of weeks, you're welcome to share links and impressions of the strange, weird, kitschy, trashy, otherwordly, chilling or inadvertently (?) silly music (there is just a step from the sublime to the ridiculous and it works both ways, doesn't it?).

There'll be some exotica and chilling folk/Americana coming up in the class and a number of tracks/artists mentioned in the next week's texts are also available in YouTube (a most generous back catalogue of Heino, mind you!). But as David Toop called for more Euro-trash and weird novelty stuff, I'll start the topic with something that got a lot of airplay back in my childhood and admittedly did not sound much off the wall at the time. The English seemed plausible and I never really paid much attention to the lyrics. But then as you go on, you're bound to start wondering what a song called "You're My Voodoo" was all about; so I had it retrieved from the radio archives a few years ago and it sure as hell left me bewildered. "Oh God, my dear, you're just in your early teens" - was this actually acceptable in Czechoslovakia'80? As, apparently, was comparing a girl to a puppy... or is it a pup compared to a girl... but then "early teens" would not be "just" (and it would hardly amount to less perversity)?

To top it off, the guy himself, aptly named Jiri Korn, flutters about in this frankly ribald dance routine, looking like the AC/DC singer doing a Michael Jackson impression while gazonked on acid'n'poppers... Flatcaps off, let's get Korny!

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bv said...

...or is it "you held me tight, more than my favourite pub?" But then that's a double entendre in at least two senses...