Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bombillaz “Uus usk” (Superbandiit Records) by Saara-Nette Tõugjas

When on a sunny summer day I ended up listening to Bombillaz` concert, I was quite amazed by the performance. I had heard them before - from the radio. It was quite random "reggae stuff" for me and it did not touch my soul in any way.... but in front of the stage I felt somehow connected with the music, lyrics - the general positive vibe they had- and I started to really listen.

In the music of Bombillaz one can find elements of folk, reggae, ska and dub — everything from African tribal styles to Oriental pop. To broaden their musical horizons and obtain new inspiration several of the musicians visit regularly various exotic cultures. The band consists of talented musicians - vocalist Kill Kaare aka Kill Baba (also plays exotic drums) , the master of Indian tablas, the drummer Arno Kalbus aka Ornu Maharaj, vocalist Silver Sepp (also plays mandolin and clarinet) , percussionist Allan Prooso, bassguitarist Tanel „Kass“ Liiberg and guitarist Martin Matt.

The tracks are full of cheerful, entertaining and relaxed mood. The oriental feeling is created with the mandolin, clarinet, exotic drums and of course with the very eastern way of singing.

I really enjoyed the "Vaigust nukk" where slow movement is created by a groovy leading bass line and enjoyable drums. This track also holds a deeper and stronger message if you start to listen. They say "Do not get stuck in things you don`t need because life is too short!". The other track I also love is "Halileela" because of its almost meditative vocal part (at least for me) which gave me a ... feeling.

"Siit mina tulen" is the only track I do not like from the album. Okey, I can listen to it. For a little bit. But too happy, too energetic, too ska for me. This too-happy-sounding tires me out. Although lyrics again carrie a strong positive message which we all can relate to, I think.

All in all I can say that it is nice to hear world music in our estonian language. The rhythms and vibe of this kind of music are great! It is a bit unbelievable to see that some of the Nordic men have the same vibe and rhythm in their blood. A strong side of their music is a deep, a bit hidden and layered message which is accompanied by groovy music. They have made a hole album full of nice, relaxed, professional and positive music. Although I have to say the album in my cd player is good... it is even better when it`s performed live.

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