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I Killed The Prom Queen – Beloved (2014)

I Killed The Prom Queen or IKTPQ is an Australian metalcore band that was formed in the year 2000. Like many other bands IKTPQ has gone through a few changes in members but currently they are as follows: Jona Weinhofen, Kevin Cameron, Jamie Hope, Shane O'Brien and Benjamin Coyte.
Beloved is IKTPQ’s latest album. Before that they released When Goodbye Means Forever... (2003) which put them on the map. It was well received by the metal community. The success of their first studio album inspired them to issue another one 3 years later. It is named Music for the Recently Deceased (2006). Some say that the band peaked with that album and they are never to return. The rumours began to spread even faster when the band lost their former vocalist and split up in 2007. Luckily for us, Jamie Hope joined IKTPQ. They immediately started working on the album Beloved. This got fans positively hyped and eventually satisfied. Beloved received positive feedback from all over the world and is their most successful album yet.

Beloved has 11 songs, 2 of which are collaborations with other bands. To me, listening to this album is a story. An emotional and fictional journey through the feelings and meanings of the author’s words. I will do my best to describe everything I felt the first time I heard this album.

1    1.  Beginning if the End” – This song is considered to be the intro to the whole album. Whenever is hear this song I start falling into a blissful abyss. It feeds me with positive anger. This anger has a physical manifestation. 

1    2.To the Wolves” – This is the song where the physically manifested anger really starts to make me move. It is impossible to stay still. My hands start flailing, my feet begin to rise higher and higher. I can feel the temperature rising.

1    3.Bright Enough” – My blood is boiling, my hair is whipping and my energy level just keeps on rising. I have become completely oblivious to the outside world. I close my eyes and imagine myself in an empty field.

1    4. "Melior” – The field is in flames. This is where I lose my mind completely. I roar like a bear and I fly like an eagle. I have become everything I fear. I am invincible. This flow of emotions has made me into something I should have been since birth.

1    5. "Thirty One & Sevens" – I open my eyes. The field is still in flames but I am no longer the fearsome beast I was before. I am engulfed by the fire. Suddenly I realize….I am the fire. The fire is me. I am the last creation of mankind.
      6."Calvert Street" – Everything around me goes silent yet my mind is still in turmoil. I can’t hear my own thoughts. This seems like a battle within me. My eyes are open but I cannot see. From a distance I can hear a soothing voice. 

      7."Kjærlighet" – This soothing voice is creeping closer. I can feel its warmth. It takes form as a ball of light. I just stand here. Slowly my mind clears. I can hear it now. I can hear what the light has to say.

        8."The Beaten Path"–FIND YOUR WAY!! FIND YOUR WAY!! The light screams!! I begin to feel malice. A new kind of hatred courses through my veins. Everything I detest and despise is now surrounding me. I must find a way through it all. I feel lost and yet I feel at home. There must be an escape….

      9."Nightmares" – I begin my quest. I must find a place where I can be at peace. Every step I take is either closer to my Heaven or another trap of aggression. I start running. I no longer care where I step or what I am headed to. I know I can’t stand still. I must keep running. I must fight.

      10."No One Will Save Us" – With my two fist pumping through the air I make my way. I make my own way. I now know that I am alone. I had a shred of hope before but now it is gone. This is my life, my journey and my end. I let out one last warcry and prepare myself.

      11."Brevity" – This is my resolve. I shut my eyes and feel the fire inside. I burn!! Everything around my burns. The flames eat away all my anger. My fears are gone. My enemies are done. It is just me in an empty field. I am exhausted and fall asleep. I wake up in my room, still flailing my hands and kicking my legs.

Like I mentioned before, this album is a journey. Every person experiences it differently and that is how is should be. However, I failed to mention how important are the instruments. The lyrics create the journey but the music creates the setting. When you start to feel anger, it is not just because there were a few bad or angry words. It is because the guitars are speeding up, the drums become relentless and the bass keeps  hitting the lower chords again and again. Ignorant people might think that all metalcore music is full of hatred and anger just because there is a person “screaming” throughout the song. That is a very short-sighted opinion and vision. Most people do not know how much practice and skill it takes to achieve such vocal abilities without hurting and damaging your throat. 

I just wish that more people would appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce this kind of music. Nowadays it is just one guy behind a laptop. He klicks his mouse and presses spacebar – song complete. But IKTPQ, they have band practice daily, even when they are on tour. They actually know how to play an instrument, most of them know more than one. They invest themselves into their music. That is why I think every person in the world should at least listen to them once.

Signe-Renate Saar

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