Monday, April 4, 2016

Stop me if you've heard this one before (UPDATE: blind test tracklist, 6 April)

Here's a sprightly little teaser for this week's blind listening session - left that one out as it's probably not that hard to date (and the artist's name might not ring any bells at all) but that eclectic obscure album is well recommended. By inference - the session itself will mostly contain a few big acts doing something rather out-of-character...

...such as...

1) Paul McCartney - Ou Est Le Soleil ("Figure of Eight" SP B-Side, 1989, also on some of the deluxe editions of this album):

(YouTube also has a video clip version but with end cut)

Non-English continued with
2) Gwenno - Stwff ("Y Dydd Olaf" 2015 - did I mention that the album was inspired by Welsh cult sci-fi novel?)

Staying (kind of) Celtic with this one:
3) Chris De Burgh - Sin City ("Far Beyond The Castle Walls" 1974)

Then changing continents:
4) Toyomu - スメケに逢いたい ("Imagining "The Life of Pablo"" 2016 - Kanye West's Arthur Russell-sampling "30 Hours" being imagined allegedly without hearing the... pro-riginal?)

One your parents might know (though unlikely by this track):
5) Czesław Niemen (N. AE) - Mleczna Droga ("Katharsis" 1976)

Staying in Eastern Bloc with an Olympic disco cameo from a UK Christian band (click for back story and the link to the song):
6) Living Sound - Olimpiada-80 (1980, also available on "Давид Тухманов. Звездная песня неба" 2006, which also includes this better-known hi-nrg version)

A different kind of epicness:
7) Bo Hansson - The Black Riders & Flight to the Ford (De svarta riddarna / Flykten till vadstället)  ("Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings" 1972)

More synth wizardry by an erstwhile Frank Zappa sidekick, latterday jazz/funk/disco king:
8) George Duke - Nigerian Numberuma ("The Inner Source" 1973)

 ...and the closer, Russo/Estonian lounge with Maria Faust connection:
9) Dzuma – Lift Porno ("Dreambox" 2002) is not available online yet, so I'll play it in my Fantaasia radio show on Friday 10 pm, Klassikaraadio, consequently providing the link to it... (the video on YouTube is mistitled, it's actually "Letter From Tokyo" from the same album)

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