Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blind test tracklist, 9 March

1) unknown performer(s), Track 1, Kmart tape, October 1989

2) Ratkiller, Reflection on Class, Odor Orienting 2016

3) Viru Trio, Uue maailma ma loon, 1987 (available on Tahan olla veel moes 2014; backing track programmed by Stanislav Rubintsik on Yamaha CX5M)

4) J Geils Band, Detroit Breakdown, Nightmares...and Other Tales from the Vinyl Jungle 1974

5) The Space Lady, Born To Be Wild, 1990 (available on The Space Lady's Greatest Hits 2013) NB! In Tartu this Sunday!

6) Louis Philippe, Yuri Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin 1989

...and a bonus track which I didn't have time to play but which would have made pretty much of a full circle back where we started from: Sweet People, Et les oiseaux chantaient 1978. By an obscure Swiss group, it became UK Top 5 hit in October, two years later. Imagine that in the current charts?

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