Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A change of plan for 12 March... While our last week's star St. Vincent is merrily sounding "more like herself" now, my ongoing cold is making me sound less and less like myself and more like a creaky old piece of furniture (or maybe that is my true identity, how would I know?) Anyway, I'm unlikely to hold prolonged conversation. However, as I'm still up and about, I might as well do something useful - so, tomorrow, I'll screen the recently previewed Privilege (1967) in full - yes, it's also on YouTube in case you choose to stay home but I've got the DVD and the subtitles. And it's an appropriate introduction to the 'Sacred Cows' theme on which I hope to elaborate with you on 19 March (menu as announced).

PS A reminder - you're welcome to submit your reviews to the blog already now!

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