Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be the judges of my music

aka a few album suggestions

The following I’m able to provide in hard copy:

Aides Aides“ (2010) – Intense-rock = a mixture of rock, ambient, punk, indie, metal and jazz sounds. Probably the best Estonian band out there at the moment.

Loits “Ei kahetse midagi” (2001/2005) – Wicked Estonian black metal with a patriotic twist, taking you right back to the battlefields of 1940s

Stem “Marble Men” (2007) – Modern melodical thrash/death metal, as they categorise themselves, straight from Tartu btw

Herbie Hancock “The Best Of/The Hits” (1999) – Some legendary sounds from the grand master of jazzz

Brides In Bloom “Bad and Beautiful” (2011) – Sweet alternative rock (that says a lot), both classic and contemporary. Half best-of, half brand new album but defo worth listening to

And a few names worth downloading:

Erykah Badu “Baduizm (live)” (1997) – Neo soul, r’n’b, funk.. PS Album sometimes entitled only “Live”

Looptroop “The Struggle Continues” (2002) – White hiphop to fight “the long arm of the law” and reveal the dark side of the Swedish super-society

Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders “Red Light Fever” (2010) – Hawkins’ solo project beats FF’s new album by far

So leave a comment if any of these succeeds in provoking interest and needs to be taken to class next week (:



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